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5 Newborn Must-Haves - Dad Edition

With the stress of your baby’s birth behind you, the nurses in the hospital will soon tell you it's time to leave the hospital and go home as a family. This will be the exact moment you ask yourself, 'are we prepared for that?'. Fortunately for you, mom has likely been preparing the nursery and baby essentials for the last few months and everything will be in place for baby when you get home. To ensure you will be the best newborn dad you can be, here are a few essentials to get you through the most difficult parenting times.

Coffee Warmer. You will soon find yourself exhausted, laying in bed for the night thinking about how amazing your first cup of coffee will be in the morning. This is the ultimate sign of a newborn parent: knowing that even the night sleep ahead will not energize you enough. When it comes time for that first cup of coffee, keeping it at the perfect temperature in the mix of feedings, diaper changes, and naps will be well worth it. The Ember Mug is our pick for the best all around but for a cheaper option compatible with your own mug, we would go with the Kin Mug Warmer.

Presentable Apparel. Now we know your newborn isn't going to judge what you're wearing but having comfortable, presentable apparel will take at least one decision out of your day. As another plus, looking presentable will let your family know you've got this, even if it doesn't feel that way. Below are a few of our go-to apparel items.

Bedside Headphones. Your baby is finally asleep in the bassinet next to you - do you dare leave bed and risk waking him up? Of course not. Get used to watching your favorite shows from the comfort of your bed because that baby needs to sleep. Having a good set of headphones on your nightstand is a must and if you want to watch with your partner, the AirFly Pro will allow both of you to pair your wireless headphones to the device your watching on.

Sound Machine. Trust us, sound machines are not just for your newborn. The sound machine is magic as a new parent and it doesn't just need to benefit your baby. The Hatch Restore will soothe you and your baby to sleep while providing the perfect lighting for middle of the night feedings and diaper changes.

Your Favorite Cocktail Ingredients. No explanation needed here, once and awhile, you're going to need it.

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